Configuring SAP HANA for CommCell Console Third-Party Job Authentication

You can have the CommCell Console authenticate third party database backup and restore jobs to ensure that the user has the correct credentials and has included a valid token file in the job request.

Note: When you enable this feature, you must create a token file to ensure that third-party and CommCell Console jobs work because CommCell Console jobs complete when the SAP HANA catalog backup completes.

When you enable this feature, then by default the Commvault software uses persistent log backups even when you have not set the nPersistentLogBackup additional setting.


  1. Enable CommCell Console Authentication of Third Party Command Line Jobs.
  2. Run the qlogin command with the token file option (-f) to obtain a token file.
  3. Create a  token parameter text file that specifies the location of the token file that the qlogin command created.

    To see the token file contents, on the command line, type the following command, substituting token_paremeter_file with the token parameter text file name.

    cat token_parameter_file


    cat thirdpartytoken.txt

  4. Set the file permissions on the token file that the qlogin command created so that application users can read the file.


    If the token file name is "tokenfile, on the command line type the following:

    chmod 740 /tmp/tokenfile

  5. Set the token file in the parameters file before you perform third-party command line backups and restores.
  6. Set the CvOraSbtParams parameter to the SAP HANA Agent parameter file.




What to Do Next

Create a token file. For information on how to create and use a token file, see qlogin Using a Token File.

Last modified: 2/26/2018 3:09:58 PM