Connecting to the SAP Archive Analytics Database

You can use Data Cube to collect, organize, and mine the data residing in various repositories across your enterprise.

Before You Begin

Obtain the following information to configure the connection to the database:

  • Type of database management system provider.
  • The JDBC URL that points to the database.
  • The database login credentials.


  1. In a Web browser, log on to the Web Console and then click Analytics > Database.
  2. Under Data Connectors next to Database, click Add New.
  3. On the New Data Source (Database) page, configure the connection:
    • From the Analytics Engine list, select the Analytics Engine where the crawling data is stored.
    • In Data Source Name, enter a name for the data connection.

      The name cannot contain special characters or spaces.

    • From the Driver list, select the appropriate DBMS driver for the database connection.
    • In Database URL, enter the JDBC URL that you use to connect to the database.

      The format is jdbc:postgresql:database_ip_address/objectserver, for example, jdbc:postgresql://

    • In Username and Password, enter credentials to connect to the database.
    • In SQL Query, type select * from osaudit.
    • Select the Start Crawling Now check box.

    For information about additional and advanced options for database connections, see Database Connection Options.

  4. Click Save.


The connection appears on the Data Sources (Database) page. The software create a default view.

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