Audit Trail

The Audit Trail feature allows you to track the operations of users who have access to the CommCell. This capability is useful if a detrimental operation was performed in the CommCell and the source of that operation needs to be determined.

Audit Trail tracks operations according to four severity levels:

  • Critical: This level records operations that will result in imminent loss of data.
  • High: This level records operations that may result in loss of data.
  • Medium: This level records changes to the general configuration of one or more entities. Such changes may produce unintended results when operations are performed.
  • Low: This level records changes to status, addition of entities, and other operations that have minimal impact on existing CommCell functions.

To set Audit Trail retention periods:

  1. From the Home tab in the CommCell Console, click Control Panel and then, from the Monitoring options, click Audit Trail.
  2. From the Audit Trail dialog box, select the desired retention time (in days) for each severity level.
  3. Click OK.

For details, see Audit Trail.

Last modified: 8/9/2018 9:00:40 PM