End-User Recovery

You can set up any of the following end-user recovery options depending on your enterprise specific requirements:

Outlook Add-In

End users can use the Outlook Add-In to view or download email messages that were archived from their mailboxes.

For details on setting up Outlook Add-In, see Installing Outlook Add-In - Administrator.

However, archived emails that are managed with storage policies that use content indexing are located in the ContentStore. The ContentStore Email Viewer, included with the Outlook Add-In, provides users direct access to email data within the ContentStore by displaying a virtual folder view of the entire set of managed content. The ContentStore Email Viewer provides an alternative to the previous stub/recall method. After the Search Engine is configured, users can search their data in the ContentStore, even if the folders were not stubbed.

For details about setting up the Search Engine, see Setting Up End-User Search.

For details about installing Outlook Add-In with ContentStore, see Installing Outlook Add-In With ContentStore - Administrator.

Outlook Web App

End users can use Outlook Web App to track protected mailbox messages and retrieve the messages from any remote location.

For details about setting up Outlook Web App, see Getting Started - Outlook Web App (OWA) - Administrator.

Universal Access

During message protection operations, recall links are embedded in the message body. End users can use the recall links to restore messages from any mobile device by accessing Outlook Web App.

For details about setting up Universal Access, see Getting Started - Universal Access - Administrator.

Web Console

End users can access and manage their messages from any remote computer that runs a Java-enabled Web browser. By using the Web Console as a self-service application, end-users can perform browse, restore, and download operations.

For details about setting up the Web Console, see Configuration - Web Console - Administrator.

You can also configure the Search Engine to enable end users to search through the backed up emails.

For details about setting up the Search Engine, see Setting Up End-User Search.

ContentStore Mail Server (IMAP)

End users can access messages on mobile devices that support an IMAP client. To do this, you must install and set up the ContentStore Mail Server (IMAP), which is based on IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol). End users set up an IMAP client on their devices.

For details about setting up the ContentStore Mail Server (IMAP), see ContentStore Mail Server (IMAP).

Last modified: 4/13/2018 8:54:25 PM