Configurations for Outlook Add-In with ContentStore Email Viewer

There are several configurations for Outlook Add-In with ContentStore Email Viewer.

Proxy Server Configurations

The Proxy Server for ContentStore communicates with the Web Server and Search Engine to retrieve users emails and display them in the ContentStore Email Viewer node of Outlook.

See Configuring Proxy Server for ContentStore Email Viewer.

Client Configurations

As an administrator, you can configure ContentStore Email Viewer settings on client computers using the Search Command Center. There is a high level of configurability that is available for ContentStore Email Viewer, for example, you can change the display name that users see in Microsoft Outlook.

See Configuring Settings for ContentStore Email Viewer Clients.

End-User Configurations

In order for to view content indexed emails with ContentStore Email Viewer, users must be assigned permissions in the CommCell Console.

See Configuring End-User Permissions for ContentStore Email Viewer.

Last modified: 2/21/2019 8:05:34 PM