Enabling Real Time Communication for ContentStore Email Viewer Client Configurations

With ContentStore Email Viewer, administrators can send configurations to client computers using the ContentStore Command feature in the Search Admin page (see Configuring ContentStore Email Viewer Clients from the Search Admin Page). By enabling the real time communication option in the Proxy Server for ContentStore settings, configurations can be sent from the Search Admin page to connected ContentStore Email Viewer clients immediately.

Client Polling and Real Time Communication

By default, administrator configurations are not sent to ContentStore Email Viewer clients in real time. Instead clients communicate with, or poll, the Proxy Server at regular intervals to check for administrator configurations. When real time communication is enabled, clients that have Outlook Add-In with ContentStore Email Viewer running on their computer will receive configuration commands as soon as they are sent from the Search Admin page.

Real Time Connection Client Limit

The number of ContentStore Email Viewer clients that can be connected to the proxy server in real time depends on the Internet Information Services (IIS) connection limit on the computer where Proxy Server for ContentStore is configured. By default, the maximum number of clients that can be configured in real time is 30% of the IIS connection limit. If the number of clients using the proxy server is greater than this number, then the remaining clients will check with the Proxy Server for new configurations according to the polling interval set from the Search Admin page (see ContentStore Commands for the ContentStore Email Viewer).

To increase the number of clients that you want to connect in real time, see Microsoft's documentation for how to change the IIS connection limit.

Before You Begin


  1. Log in to the Web Console client where Proxy Server for ContentStore is configured.
  2. Open Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager.
  3. Under Connections, expand the Web Console client name > Sites > Consoles, and then click ProxySvc.
  4. Under Features View in the ASP.NET section, double-click Application Settings.
  5. Right-click the RTC_SUPPORT setting and click Edit.
  6. In the Edit Application Setting box, change the Value parameter to true and then click OK.
  7. Under Connections, right-click Consoles, point to Manage Website, and then click Restart.

Last modified: 2/21/2019 9:02:10 PM