Creating a User Control List

You can control which users can login to ContentStore by creating a user access control list on the Proxy Server for ContentStore client. Only the users that you include in the list will be able to log in to ContentStore and access their emails from the ContentStore Email Viewer.

Before You Begin


  1. Log in to the client where Proxy Server for ContentStore is deployed.
  2. Create a new text file and enter a list of the users who should have access to ContentStore. Enter each user on a separate line as domain\username.

    For example:


    Note: If you do not include a user in the list, then they will not be able to access their emails from ContentStore Email Viewer.

  3. Save the text file to a location on the client. You can give the text file any name.

    Tip: Remember the path to the text file, as you will need to enter it in a later step.

  4. In the file system, open the Commvault software installation directory, and then open ContentStore/CVProxyService.
  5. Open ProxySettings.xml using a text editor.
  6. Before the closing </appSettings> tag, add the following tag:

    <add key="USER_LIST" value="path to user list text file" />

    Example of user list tag

    If you saved the user list file to E:\files\contentStoreUserList.txt, you would enter the following tag:

    <add key="USER_LIST" value="E:\files\contentStoreUserList.txt" />

  7. Save your changes to ProxySettings.xml.
  8. Restart Internet Information Services (IIS).

Last modified: 2/21/2019 9:32:16 PM