Providing End-User Access to Journaled Messages Using the ContentStore Mail Server (IMAP)

Typically, you provide end users access to messages that are backed up or archived using OnePass for Exchange Mailbox (Classic). Alternatively, you can provide access to journaled messages that are archived by the Exchange Compliance Archiver Agent.

You must set up the access to journaled messages before configuring other aspects of the ContentStore Mail Server (IMAP).

In the case of journaled messages, only the Inbox folder is available to end users. The Inbox folder contains all of the messages. Only messages that were sent or forwarded are available to the end users.

Before You Begin


This procedure provides a high-level description about how to provide end-user access to journaled messages. To perform the specific procedures, refer to the corresponding documentation.

  1. To configure the ContentStore Mail Server (IMAP) to use the journaled mailbox, on the Settings tab of the ContentStore Mail Server (IMAP) dashboard, select the Use the Compliance Archiver Agent check box.
  2. Configure end-user access to the journaled mailbox.
    1. Log on to the Admin/Search Analytics page.
    2. In the Options pane, click Preferences.
    3. Click Add Preferences.
    4. In the Select a Preference Name list, select Security for end user search.

      In the value list, Mailbox ownership appears by default.

    5. Click the preference value list and select Based on recipients.
    6. Click Select View Names and Users.

      The Select View Names and Users box appears.

    7. Select the EndUser check box.
    8. Apply the configuration to the appropriate users.
      • To apply the configuration to all end users, under Apply To Users, and then click All.
      • To apply the configuration to a limited set of end users, under Apply To Users, click Limited, and then select the users that you want to include.
    9. Click OK.
    10. Click Save.

    The selected end users can now download emails that contain their email address in the recipient fields (From, To, Cc and Bcc) to the IMAP client.

Last modified: 5/10/2018 9:58:33 PM