Deleting Emails

If Mailbox Backup Quota is enabled for your mailbox, you receive an alert when your mailbox is near or has exceeded the quota set by your administrator. If End-User Delete has been enabled, you can delete backed up messages from the ContentStore Email Viewer.

Before You Begin

Caution: After you delete messages from the ContentStore Email Viewer, you cannot recover the contents or attachments.

Your administrator must have enabled End-User Delete for your mailbox. For more information, see End-User Delete.


  1. Log on to Microsoft Outlook.
  2. Expand ContentStore, and then select one or more messages to delete.
  3. Press Shift+Delete.

    A message appears that states that the selected messages will be deleted permanently.

  4. Click Yes.

Last modified: 4/16/2018 8:43:49 PM