Deployment - End User Search

To enable End User Search in your environment, install the Windows File System Agent as a 32-bit proxy on the Web Server computer. The agent is installed as a second instance.

Before You Begin

  • Configure the 64-bit Computer for 32-bit Installation

    By default, a x64 version of the File System Agent is automatically included with the Web Server installation. However, in order to perform Notes data restores through the End User and Compliance Search pages, a second installation of the File System Agent on the Web Server is required. The agent will behave as a 32-bit proxy instance.

    To configure the Web Server computer for 32-bit installations, see the Alternate Method section in Enabling 32-Bit Installations on 64-Bit Windows Computers.

  • Review Preinstallation Checklist

    To prepare for the installation of the Windows File System Agent, see Preinstallation Checklist for the Windows File System Agent.


Use the installation package that was created from the Download Manager to install the File System Agent on the Web Server computer. Installations from the CommCell Console are not supported at this time.

For instructions, see Installing Commvault on Windows Computers Using the Installation Package.

During the installation, a confirmation message to install the agent as a 32-bit proxy instance is displayed. Click Yes and continue with the installation.

What To Do Next

You can proceed to configure the End User search page.

Last modified: 3/1/2018 7:59:23 PM