Oracle Archiving Configuration Overview

The Oracle archiving feature uses the existing Oracle agents, instances and subclients.

Users with an understanding of how database tables and columns map to business needs define the tables to archive and the columns which indicate a row is active. These are used as part of a SQL statement that selects the appropriate rows from a specified table. Rows from other tables may qualify for archiving. The tables related to the archived tables can be automatically included and new relationships can be configured based on business needs.

Have the following information ready before you configure the Oracle Archiving feature:

  • The tables to archive.
  • The archive criteria.
  • The parent and child tables to include in the archive.
  • The non-related tables to include in the archive and which columns need to relate to the archived table.
  • The columns used to query the archived data.
  • The data retention rules for the archive database and the backup media. These can be different.

Last modified: 11/20/2017 7:13:45 PM