Determining the Oracle db_files Parameter

Note: This setting is not applicable when you use the parquet format to archive the data.

To calculate the Oracle db_files parameter value for the archive database, use the following information:

  • The number of streams used by each subclient. An archive job creates 1 datafile per stream.
  • The history retention period
  • The number of archive jobs per week
  • The number of archive subclients


  1. Determine the number of datafiles that the subclient creates in 1 week.
  2. Determine the number of datafiles that all subclients create for the history retention period. Multiply the number of datafiles per week by the number of weeks in the retention period.
  3. Multiply this result by the total number of clients


  1. One subclient uses 4 streams.
  2. History Retention is 6 months
  3. The schedule is one archive job per week
  4. There are 3 subclients

The number of datafiles created per week for a subclient is 4.

The number of datafiles created by a subclient over the History Retention is 26 weeks for months, so 26x4 = 104.

There are 3 subclients, so the total 3x104 = 312

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