Running an Exchange Mailbox Agent Content Indexing Job

Applies to: User Mailbox

This procedure describes the general steps for running an content indexing job. You run the job at the default subclient level.

Tip: If you have access nodes spread out across geographical locations, you can limit the content indexing job to access nodes within a specific geographic location.

Before You Begin

  • Each access node that is used to run content indexing jobs must have the Exchange package and one of the following sets of software:
    • Web Server: If you did not install the Web Server when you installed Exchange, then you can install the Web Server separately. For more information, see Installing the Web Server.
    • Index Gateway and Content Extractor: If you perform an interactive installation for the Index Gateway, then the Content Extractor package is automatically selected. If you perform a push installation for Index Gateway, then you must manually select the Content Extractor package.
  • You must enable content indexing.


  1. From the CommCell Console, go to Client Computers > client > agent > set.
  2. Select the Content tab in the bottom portion of the right pane
  3. Right-click the subclient, and then click Run Content Indexing.

    The Content Indexing Options dialog box appears.

  4. On the Job Initiation tab, define whether the job runs:
    • Immediately.
    • At a scheduled time.
    • Automatically at the time interval that you specify.

      The default is interval is 30 minutes, but you can select a time interval that is between 15 minutes and 1440 minutes (24 hours).

  5. Optional: On the CI Access Nodes tab, if you want to run the job on an access node other than the one that you defined for the agent, do the following:
    1. Click Add.

      The Select Clients/Client Groups dialog box appears.

    2. From the Exclude list, select the access node that you want to use, and then click Include.

      You can add more than one access node.

    3. Click OK.

    Any access nodes that you configure on the Access Nodes tab override the access nodes that are configured at the agent level.

  6. Optional: To set advanced job options, click Advanced.
  7. Optional: To run your archive options from a command line interface, click Save As Script.
  8. Click OK.

    If you chose to run the job immediately, the content indexing job starts now.

    If you chose to run the job according to a schedule, the content indexing job runs according to the schedule that you defined.

    If you chose to run the job automatically at timed intervals, the content indexing job starts when the number of minutes that you specify have passed, and in the specified intervals thereafter.

Last modified: 2/13/2020 4:56:59 PM