Find Messages

The Find feature lets you search through Exchange Mailbox Agent archived messages and restore them from the search results.

You can start a Find operation at the set, subclient, or mailbox level. The sublevels shown on the Search Results tab are based on where you start the Find operation.

The Search Results tab shows the results of a Find operation. You can search through archived mailboxes for messages based on their metadata, such as mailbox name, Subject, From, To, receive time, and so on. Data that is excluded by filtering does not appear in the search results.

The selection icons indicate whether or not an object is selected for restore:

The object is not selected for restore.

The object is selected for restore.

Find results work differently when a content indexing job has been run after the last archive job:

  • If content indexing is enabled on the client, and jobs are content indexed, Find results are generated from content indexed data.
  • If content indexing is not enabled, Find results are generated from backed up message metadata.

Note: If you sort the Find results by clicking a column heading on the Search Results tab, any selections that you made will be lost.

Last modified: 3/1/2018 4:44:31 PM