ContentStore Email Viewer

After email messages have been archived and content indexed, content indexed messages and attachments are moved from your mailbox to an administrator-managed storage location, called the ContentStore. You can access the content indexed emails directly from Outlook by using the ContentStore Email Viewer. The ContentStore Email Viewer provides you with the same functionality (such as reply, forward, and view attachments) as if these emails were still in your regular inbox.

With the ContentStore Email Viewer, your content indexed emails are displayed in their original folder under the Outlook folder views. The default name for the ContentStore Email Viewer is ContentStore, but your administrator can customize the name. The ContentStore Email Viewer is natively integrated into Outlook. After the package is installed, the ContentStore node appears within the folder views whenever you open Microsoft Outlook.



Using the ContentStore Email Viewer, you can perform the following functions for your archived messages from Microsoft Outlook:

  • View archived messages from your mailbox or mailboxes that are delegated to you
  • Reply to or forward archived messages
  • View documents and images attached to archived messages
  • Search your archived messages using keywords and other field-based queries

Archived messages appear in the ContentStore Email Viewer approximately 15 minutes after they have been content indexed. For more information, see:


  • Outlook Add-In with ContentStore Email Viewer is supported by Microsoft Outlook versions 2010 and later.
  • The online mode configuration is only supported by Citrix environments.

Last modified: 11/29/2018 10:05:21 PM