Configuring General Settings for ContentStore Email Viewer

You can configure the ContentStore Email Viewer settings, such as default settings, synchronization times, and online or offline mode configurations, from the data file properties for ContentStore in Microsoft Outlook.


  1. Open the ContentStore general settings dialog box as follows:
    1. From Outlook, right-click the ContentStore node and then click Data File Properties.
    2. In the ContentStore Properties dialog box, click Advanced.
  2. In the ContentStore dialog box, configure the appropriate settings on the General tab.



    Toggle between Online and Offline (Local Cache) modes

    1. Select or clear the Use local cache mode check box.

      See Configure Online Mode and Configure Offline Mode for more information.

    Display only archived emails in the ContentStore node. Archived emails are emails that have been stubbed and not deleted when placed in ContentStore.

    1. Select the Show only archived emails check box.

    View messages in delegated mailboxes and folders in the ContentStore node

    Does not apply to: Exchange Journal Mailbox

    1. Select the Show Email from Delegate Mailboxes check box. Delegated mailboxes appear as folders in the ContentStore Email Viewer node. Any folders delegated to you from a delegated mailbox will appear under the appropriate delegate mailbox folder.

      Note: In order for delegated mailbox data to appear in the user's ContentStore Email Viewer, both the user mailbox data and the delegated mailbox data must be content indexed by the same Search Engine cloud.

      For more information about delegated mailboxes, see Setting Up Mailbox Delegation and Viewing Mail Messages in Delegated Mailboxes in Web Console.

    Modify how often data in the ContentStore Email Viewer is synchronized with the backup server

    1. In the Synchronize Every <n> minutes box, enter a different value.

    Change the proxy server URL

    1. In the Proxy Server box, enter the new proxy server URL.
    2. Click Test to verify connectivity to the proxy server.

    Change the Web Console URL

    1. In the Web Console box, enter the new Web Console URL.
    2. Click Test to verify connectivity to the Web Console.
  3. Click OK.

Last modified: 8/17/2020 8:13:16 PM