Configuring Online Mode for Citrix Environments

When you use ContentStore Email Viewer in a Citrix environment, you can configure ContentStore in online mode. In online mode, archived messages in the ContentStore are synchronized from the backup server each time Microsoft Outlook is opened. When you configure the ContentStore Email Viewer in online mode, a network connection is required to view archived messages.

Important: The ContentStore Email Viewer configured in online mode is only supported for Citrix environments.


  1. Open the ContentStore general settings dialog box as follows:
    1. From Microsoft Outlook, right-click the ContentStore node, and then click Data File Properties.

      The ContentStore Properties dialog box appears.

    2. Click Advanced.

      The ContentStore dialog box appears.

  2. Under Online/Offline mode, clear the Use Local Cache Mode check box.
  3. On the Online Mode tab, configure the appropriate settings:
    • To set the maximum number of messages that appear in each folder in the ContentStore Email viewer, enter a different value in the Max number of items in each folder box.
    • To set the maximum number of messages that are returned when you perform searches of ContentStore emails, enter a different value in the Max number of items in search box.
    • To define which language is used when you search emails in the ContentStore Email Viewer, click the Default Search Language list, and then select the appropriate language.
  4. Click OK.
  5. Restart Microsoft Outlook.

Last modified: 11/30/2018 3:41:43 PM