Configuring Offline Mode for the ContentStore Email Viewer

When you configure Offline (Local Cache) Mode, archived messages in the ContentStore are stored directly on your local machine in the Offline Local Cache folder. When the ContentStore Email Viewer is configured in Offline Mode, a network connection is not required to view archived messages that are stored in the local cache. However, a network connection is required to retrieve your archived messages, update your local cache with newly archived messages, and download original attachments from archived messages.

Local Cache Folder Requirements

The local cache directory is the folder on your computer where your archived emails are stored for the ContentStore Email Viewer. Archived emails in your local cache are available even when your computer does not have connectivity to your network.

When selecting a directory for your local cache, consider the following requirements:

  • The location that you use must be an absolute path. Do not enter a relative path as the local cache directory.
  • You can use a mapped drive on your local computer as the local cache directory, but direct UNC paths are not supported as the local cache.


  1. Open the ContentStore general settings dialog box as follows:
    1. From Microsoft Outlook, right-click the ContentStore node and then click Data File Properties.
    2. In the ContentStore Properties dialog box, click Advanced.
  2. In the ContentStore dialog box under the Online/Offline Mode section, select the Use Local Cache Mode check box.
  3. Click the Offline Mode tab and configure the appropriate settings.



    Synchronize emails in the ContentStore with the ContentStore Email viewer only when connected to an internal network

    1. Select the Sync only when connected to internal network check box.

    Modify the criteria by which ContentStore emails and folders are stored in the local cache

    1. Click the How many items to keep in the cache list and select the criteria.
    2. In the How many folders to show box, enter the number of folders you want to show.

    Change the amount of disk space to use for the local cache

    1. Under Cache Settings, move the slider to change the amount of free space you want to use for the local cache.

    Modify the location where ContentStore emails are stored

    1. Under Cache Settings, click Change Cache Directory.
    2. In the browser, go to the folder to where you want to relocate the local cache.


      • The new cache location cannot be a subdirectory of the original cache directory. Also, it should not contain any cache files.
      • The path of the cache location cannot contain special characters.
    3. Click the folder, and then click OK.

    Delete all of the data in your local cache

    1. Under Cache Settings, click Recreate Cache Files and then click OK.
  4. Click OK.
  5. Restart Microsoft Outlook.


When the ContentStore Email Viewer is configured in offline mode, only folders that contain messages appear under the ContentStore node. If you do not see a folder as expected, check whether it contains any messages.

Last modified: 6/25/2020 5:30:27 PM