Completing the Import of the User Mailboxes into the Exchange Mailbox Agent

After you import the content of the user mailboxes from the classic agent to the Exchange Mailbox Agent, you must perform the tasks that are required to complete the transition.

In this procedure, you run the first archiving job and content indexing job.


  1. On the Mailboxes tab, verify that the user mailboxes have been imported.
  2. Assign the Exchange archiving, cleanup, and retention policies to the mailboxes that did not have policies assigned to them automatically.
  3. Browse the content to verify that it has been imported.
  4. Run the first archiving job.

    Note: You must run an archive job before you run a cleanup job.

  5. Optional: Run a content indexing job.

What to Do Next

  • Content that was archived by the classic agent remains until it is aged based on the retention time that you configured in the classic agent. You can deconfigure the classic agent until that retention time is met, after which you can delete the classic agent.
  • If you run an incremental job in the classic agent after you import the content of the user mailboxes, you must run the import job again. In this case, only the content that was archived or backed up by the incremental job is imported.
  • If you use Outlook Add-In, upgrade to the latest version.
  • Review the post transition considerations for OnePass for Exchange Mailbox (Classic).

Last modified: 7/31/2018 8:19:05 PM