After Transitioning from OnePass for Exchange Mailbox (Classic)

The following are expected results after you transition from OnePass for Exchange Mailbox (Classic) to the Exchange Mailbox Agent.

Stub Recalls

By default, stubs that are imported from OnePass for Exchange Mailbox (Classic) into the Exchange Mailbox Agent will be recalled by Exchange Mailbox Agent. If you want migrated stubs to be recalled by the OnePass for Exchange Mailbox (Classic)Agent, you can configure the bRecallWithNewAgentModel additional setting on the Web Server with the value 0.

PST Archiving

If you want to continue to archive PST files, archive the files using OnePass for Exchange Mailbox (Classic), and then import the archived messages into the Exchange Mailbox Agent.

End-User Recovery

After you configure end-user recovery, consider the following information.

Web Console

  • After you import the archived messages, only the latest cycle OnePass for Exchange Mailbox (Classic) content is associated with the Exchange Mailbox Agent.
  • Browsing, downloading, and searching using Search, the Web Console, and the ContentStore work in the same way that they did for OnePass for Exchange Mailbox (Classic) content.
  • If you need to access archived messages that use extended retention and that span across cycles, use the OnePass for Exchange Mailbox (Classic) backup set.

Outlook Add-In

The latest version 10 of Outlook Add-In can recall messages that were archived using the following agents:

  • Exchange Mailbox Archiver Agent (version 9 and version 10)
  • OnePass for Exchange Mailbox (Classic) (version 10 and version 11)
  • Exchange Mailbox Agent

However, we recommend that you install the latest update of version 11 Outlook Add-In.

ContentStore Email Viewer

To see archived messages that have been content indexed in both OnePass for Exchange Mailbox (Classic) and the Exchange Mailbox Agent, use the same Web Server for both agents. However, you can use different Web Consoles, providing they point to the same Web Server.

Last modified: 1/20/2021 7:24:33 PM