Advanced Restore Options (Copy Precedence)

Choose the copy whose data you want to recover or retrieve. Select from the following options:

Restore/recover from copy precedence

When selected, the system retrieves the data from the storage policy copy with the specified copy precedence number. If data does not exist in the specified copy, the operation fails even if the data exists in another copy of the same storage policy.

When cleared, (or by default) the system retrieves data from the storage policy copy with the lowest copy precedence. If the data was pruned from the primary copy, the system automatically retrieves the data from the other copies of the storage policy starting with the copy with the lowest copy precedence and proceeding through the copies with higher copy precedence. Once the data is found, it is retrieved, and no further copies are checked.

The table displays the storage policy and the storage policy copies corresponding to the copy precedence number.

Use MediaAgent / Library / Drive Pool

See Advanced Restore Options (Data Path)

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