You can use the Commvault software to protect the following Salesforce data and the corresponding metadata.

  • Standard objects
  • Custom objects
  • Documents
  • Attachments
  • Salesforce CRM content
  • Salesforce files

You can back up the data to media and to a local database that you can use for queries that do not require Salesforce access.

You can restore the data to a local file system, database, or to Salesforce as needed.

Key Features

  • You can back up the Salesforce data to media and to a local database.
  • You can schedule these backups to run automatically at regular intervals, so that you always have the latest backup copy.
  • If an accidental permanent deletion or a user account hack occurs, you can restore from the latest backup copy to a file system, to a local database, or to Salesforce.

Solution Overview

Use Commvault to connect to Salesforce. You can use an optional database to use as the backup location or the restore destination.

The Commvault software uses the following Salesforce interfaces:

  • Bulk API

For more information on these interfaces, see Which API Should I Use?

Administration Options

You can perform all backup and restore operations from the CommCell Console or the Command Center. When you use the Command Center, you can also perform Salesforce record-level restores. For information on the Command Center, see Salesforce.

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