Hadoop Backups

You can back up, archive, and restore the data that resides on a Hadoop cluster.

Backup Types

The following backup types are available for Hadoop data:

  • Full
  • Incremental
  • Differential
  • Synthetic full


    • The file access time is not preserved during backup operations.
    • Hadoop does not support UNIX ctime timestamps for files, so incremental backups will not include files that have only attribute changes.
    • We recommend that you run synthetic full backups with multiple streams, because synthetic full backups run as single-stream backups are slower. Also, if you run synthetic full backups with single stream, you cannot run restores with multiple streams and nodes. For more information on multiple-stream synthetic full backups, see Configuring Multiple Streams for Synthetic Full Backups.

Single Node Scans

The scan phase runs only on the master node because a multi-threaded scan is resource intensive and may slow down the scan job. 

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