Configuring Data Protection Alerts for Virtual Machines

You can perform the steps provided in Creating an Alert from the Alert Wizard to configure a data protection alert for virtual machines. You can configure alerts to provide notification and details about specific virtual machines when jobs are started, suspended, resumed, killed, completed, or failed. The alert notification can include tokens for the virtual machine name, host, status, and protection failure reason.

The following alerts are available for the Virtual Server Agent:




Data Protection


Sends notification on the status of running backup jobs. For more information, see Data Protection.

Event Viewer Events


Uses the vsbkp process to trigger backup job status in the Event Viewer. For more information, see Event Viewer Events.

When adding the alert, use the following options for the Add Alert Wizard:

  • On the General Information page, select Job Management for the Category and Data Protection for the Type.
  • On the Entities Selection page, select the Virtual Server clients to be included for the alert or client groups that include those Virtual Server clients.
  • Select options as needed on the Threshold and Notification Criteria Selection page.
  • On the Notification Type(s) Selection page, you can customize the email notification message by selecting an insertion point in the email message form, selecting a token from the drop-down list, and clicking Add Token. To help monitor protections operations for virtual machines, you can include the following tokens:
    • <VM STATUS>
  • On the User(s) and User Group(s) Selection page, add users to receive notifications for the alert.

The notifications generated for the alert include information about all discovered virtual machines for the selected virtualization clients.


  • For any subclients that have backups disabled (on the Activity Control tab of the subclient properties), discovered VMs are not included in alerts.
  • You can choose to receive notifications in different ways. For more information, see Alert Notification Type Overview.

Last modified: 1/7/2018 8:41:22 PM