The Virtual Server Agent for Amazon creates crash-consistent backups of all instances that are selected for a subclient.

The proxy that performs a backup operation must be in the same region as the instance that is backed up. When multiple VSA proxies are available to perform a backup operation, a proxy in the same zone has priority. If no proxy in the same zone is available, a proxy in the same region can perform the backup operation.

Note: When an instance is discovered during a backup operation, a client for the instance is created in the CommCell Console if one does not already exist. When an instance with spaces or special characters in its name is discovered during a backup operation, the spaces or special characters are replaced with underscores ('_') in the instance client name that is displayed in the CommCell Console. The instance name is still displayed with spaces or special characters on the Instance Status tab for the backup job, in the backup job summary, and in reports that include the instance name. The following special characters are replaced:

[ \ \ | ` ~ ! @ # $ % ^ & * + = < > ? , { } ( ) : ; ' \ " \ \ s / ]

Changed Block Tracking (CBT) Based Backups

CBT-based backups enhance the backup performance of AWS volumes. You can use CBT with streaming backups, and with the backup copy operation of IntelliSnap backups. By default, CBT is enabled when you create a new subclient. You can also enable CBT for existing subclients.

For more information about CBT for Amazon, see Changed Block Tracking for Amazon.

What Gets Backed Up

  • Active EC2 instances (whether they are turned on or turned off)
  • Instance EBS volumes
  • Volumes using default or custom encryption

What Does Not Get Backed Up

  • AMIs
  • Instance store volumes
  • Volumes that have an AWS Marketplace product code

    Note: A streaming backup or backup copy of an instance skips volumes that have an AWS Marketplace product code. If all the volumes for an instance have AWS Marketplace product codes, then the backup operation skips the entire instance. A backup operation that is performed using IntelliSnap for Amazon does include volumes that have AWS Marketplace product codes.

Last modified: 5/12/2020 8:34:46 PM