Deployment Planning for Citrix Hypervisor (XenServer)

The Virtual Server Agent can be installed on one or more machines, so that those machines can serve as VSA proxies. A VSA proxy manages backup and restore operations for guest VMs in your environment, eliminating the need to install agents on guest VMs.

Deployment for the Virtual Server Agent (VSA) for Citrix Xen can include the following components:

  • The Virtual Server Agent can be deployed on a dedicated virtual machine that resides on a standalone XenServer or on any XenServer in a Xen pool. The virtual machine with VSA installed acts as a VSA proxy to provide backup and recovery services for a Xen pool. Multiple VSA proxies can provide load distribution and load balancing within a Xen pool to improve performance.

    Any VSA proxy in a Xen pool can provide data protection services for VMs residing on a shared storage repository (datastore) for the Xen pool; any VMs on local storage must be served by a proxy that has access to the local storage.

    The VSA proxy is managed by an existing CommServe system and communicates with the CommServe system and with MediaAgents in the network.

  • MediaAgents can be deployed on physical machines or virtual machines to manage the transmission of data between clients and backup media.

Upgrades Are Supported from V10 Only

Upgrades to Commvault V11 are supported only from V10.

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