Configuration for Citrix Hypervisor (XenServer)

After you deploy the Virtual Server Agent (VSA) on proxy computers, you can configure virtualization clients, backup sets, and subclients to customize your backup and restore operations.

Client Configuration

When you install the Virtual Server Agent on a proxy VM, Commvault automatically creates a client computer entry for the VSA proxy.

To manage VSA proxies for backups and restores, you must create a new virtualization client for Xen from the CommCell Console. You can create a virtualization client for a Xen pool or for a standalone XenServer. If you have multiple Xen pools, you must create a virtualization client for each pool.

When you create a virtualization client, Commvault automatically creates a Xen instance, a default backup set, and a default subclient under the virtualization client. You can modify the Xen instance to add or modify the list of VSA proxies that can be used for data protection operations on the virtualization client.

Backup Set Configuration

A backup set is a collection of subclients that can be used to manage data protection operations at a high level. Use the defaultbackupset or create a user-defined backup set to administer data protection operations for groups of virtual machines.

Subclient Configuration

A subclient is a logical entity that identifies a set of virtual machines to back up.

You can create additional subclients to protect different classes of VMs. To add virtual machines to subclients, you can browse and select  specific VMs or define discovery rules to include virtual machines based on hosts, storage, and other criteria. You can also define filters to exclude VMs from subclients based on various criteria.

The default subclient is automatically configured to back up all virtual machines that are not covered by user-defined subclients.

Last modified: 11/8/2019 3:22:54 PM