Configuration (Microsoft Hyper-V)

After installing the Virtual Server Agent on the Hyper-V nodes, you can configure the following components on the CommCell Console:

  • Virtualization Client
  • Backup Sets
  • Subclients

Client Configuration

Initially, after installing the agent, you must create a new virtualization client to manage the backup and restore operations on the Hyper-V nodes. The virtualization client acts as a single point of administration for Hyper-V servers that host virtual machines to be backed up. You can configure a virtualization client to provide seamless backups in a cluster and maintain incremental backup cycles, even if virtual machines migrate from one host to another (live migration).  For example, if the next scheduled backup after a live migration is an incremental backup, the incremental backup is performed for the migrated virtual machine, not a full backup.

For more information on configuring your virtualization client, see Client Configuration.

Backup Set Configuration

A backup set is a logical entity used to manage backup and restore operations for all subclients created within the backup set. When you create a new virtualization client, a default backup set is automatically generated for the virtualization client. Use the default backup set or create additional backup sets to administer data protection on different groups of virtual machines.

For more information on configuring backup sets, see Backup Set Configuration.

Subclient Configuration

A subclient is a logical entity that defines the virtual machines to be backed up. By default, each backup set in the virtualization client contains a default subclient. The default subclient acts as a catchall entity to back up the virtual machines in all the Hyper-V nodes added to the virtualization client.

Depending on the required frequency of backups and virtual machine data, you can define additional subclients to the backup set. The virtual machines are added to the subclient content manually, or defined by using automatic discovery rules.

For more information on configuring subclients, see Subclient Configuration.

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