VNU0002: Backup completes with “Failed to quiesce file system for VM” error.


An application-consistent backup fails with the following error message:

Failed to quiesce file system for VM


This error can occur in any of the following conditions:

  • For Windows guest VMs, Nutanix Guest Tools are not installed and configured.
  • A Windows guest or a user VM is not a Windows server.
  • The VM has Integrated Drive Electronics (IDE) disks.
  • For Linux guest VMs, post-freeze and pre-thaw scripts are not present or executed.


You might be able to resolve this issue by using one of the following workarounds:

  • For Windows guest VMs:
    • Install and configure Nutanix Guest Tools.
    • Use the VSS administrator list provider to verify that Nutanix VSS providers are listed.
    • Verify that user VMs can access Central VPN Management (CVM) port 2074.
  • For Linux guest VMs, verify that the scripts are located in the /sbin/pre_freeze and /sbin/post_thaw folders.

Last modified: 10/30/2018 7:06:11 PM