Deployment for Oracle Cloud Classic

Install the Commvault  software on a physical or virtual machine running Windows. The main component of the software is the CommServe system, which is used to manage all data protection operations.

Deprecated: Oracle is discontinuing Oracle Cloud Classic. Support for Oracle Cloud Classic is deprecated in this version of the Commvault software. For similar functionality, provision new instances in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and create a Commvault hypervisor for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

You can install the MediaAgent on the same machine as the CommServe system or on a separate machine.

The Virtual Server Agent can be installed on one or more machines, so that those machines can serve as VSA proxies. A VSA proxy manages backup and restore operations for guest instances in your environment, eliminating the need to install agents on guest instances.

The Virtual Server Agent (VSA) must be installed on an instance running in Oracle Cloud Classic.

Last modified: 3/10/2020 9:29:36 PM