Default Subclient Coverage for Unprotected Oracle Cloud Instances

When you create a virtualization client or a backup set, a default subclient is created automatically, and all instances from the configured Oracle Cloud Classic deployment are automatically included in the default subclient content. This setting ensures that all instances will be included in backup operations.

Deprecated: Oracle is discontinuing Oracle Cloud Classic. Support for Oracle Cloud Classic is deprecated in this version of the Commvault software. For similar functionality, provision new instances in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and create a Commvault hypervisor for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

To prevent duplicate backups of instances, any instances that are included in a user-defined subclient are automatically excluded from the default subclient. (Duplicate backups still occur if an instance is included in multiple user-defined subclients.)

In an Oracle Cloud Classic deployment, at least one subclient should be able to cover unprotected instances. If you disable this feature for all subclients, some instances might not be backed up.

When the default subclient is created, the Contents of subclient list in the Content tab displays All unprotected VMs as the content Type. That entry indicates that all instances that are not included in any other subclient in the backup set will automatically be backed up by the default subclient.

To remove the default coverage, you can add other content and then delete the All unprotected VMs entry.

If you remove all entries from the Contents of subclient list, All unprotected VMs appears in the list again.

Last modified: 3/10/2020 9:33:30 PM