Once you deploy the Virtual Server Agent (VSA) on proxies, you can configure clients, backup sets, and subclients to customize your backup and restore operations.

Client Configuration

After installing the agent, you must create a new virtualization client for the RHEV Manager of Red Hat data center from the CommCell Console. If you have multiple data centers, you must create a virtualization client for each.

When creating a virtualization client, a RedHat instance for the client is created automatically . You can modify the RedHat instance to add or modify the list of VSA proxies that can be used for data protection operations on the virtualization client.

For more information, see Client Configuration.

Backup Set Configuration

A backup set is a collection of subclients that can be used to manage data protection operations at a high level. Use the defaultbackupset or create a user-defined backup set to administer data protection operations for groups of virtual machines.

For more information, see Backup Set Configuration.

Subclient Configuration

A subclient is a logical entity that identifies a set of virtual machines to be backed up. You can add virtual machines to subclient content manually or define automatic discovery rules to identify virtual machines for a subclient.

For more information, see Subclient Configuration.

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