Backing Up Virtual Machines

You can back up virtual machines from a subclient or from a backup set (to include all subclients for the backup set). For each subclient, you must add the virtual machines to be backed up in the subclient content.

Note: If guest tools are installed on a guest VM, a backup quiesces the file system and applications to perform an application consistent backup. If the quiesce operation fails, the backup continues as a crash consistent backup.  Because Red Hat APIs do not return any error for a quiesce failure, the quiesce failure does not generate any errors in Commvault, but RHEV Manager will show a snapshot failure for the virtual machine.

Before You Begin

  • Decide which type of backup is appropriate. Typically, you can choose either an incremental or full backup type when you install the agent.


  1. From the CommCell Browser, expand Client Computers > virtualization_client > Virtual Server> instance > backup_set.
  2. Start the backup from the subclient or backup set:
    • From the subclient,right-click the subclient and then click Backup.
    • From the backup set, right-click the backup set and click Backup All Subclients; then click Yes to confirm.
  3. In the Backup Options dialog box, choose the backup type.

    For more information on backup types, see Backup Options.

  4. Optional: To schedule the backup, click Schedule.

    For more information on scheduling, see Scheduling.

  5. Optional:  To further customize the backup operation, click Advanced.
  6. Optional:  To save the current backup options as a script file, click Save as Script.

    For more information, see Save as Script Overview.

  7. Click OK to start the backup job.

You can track the progress of the job from the Job Controller. When the backup is complete, the Job Controller displays Completed.

After your backup job is complete, you can view the backup job history. For more information, see Job History.

Last modified: 4/17/2019 3:05:02 PM