Ownership and Permissions for VM Recovery Using the VSA with VMware

Users can be assigned permissions and ownership that enable them to browse and restore backed up data for virtual machines. These permissions and ownership apply to the CommCell Console, VM File Recovery Plug-In, and Web Console.

  • Permissions can be assigned to a user through an association with a role, client computer group, or user group. Depending on the operations a user needs to perform, the user must have some or all of the following permissions:
    • Browse
    • In Place Recover (files and folders)
    • Out of Place Recover (files and folders)
    • In Place Full Machine Recovery (full VMs)
    • Out of Place Full Machine Recovery (full VMs)

      Note: To assign permissions for specific entities, configure a role and associate the role with the entity. Permissions can be assigned for all CommCell users at the CommCell level (Control Panel > User > Owner Permissions).

  • Ownership can be assigned for a client computer or a virtual machine. You must assign users or user groups as owners, including users and groups defined in Active Directory or directly in the CommCell. Virtual machine owners can be assigned automatically during virtual machine discovery, based on privileges and roles defined in vCenter.

In addition to permissions and ownership, administrator user accounts must have permissions for the vCenter.

Last modified: 5/6/2019 7:56:31 PM