Enabling VM Archiving in VMware vCenter

To enable resource management and VM archiving, the vCenter server must be set to retain tasks and events.

Before You Begin

  • Obtain the capacity license required to enable archiving. For more information, see License Requirements.
  • Install the Virtual Server Agent on at least one physical computer or virtual machine that can connect to the CommServe host.

    For installation instructions, see Getting Started (VMware).

Setting Up the vCenter Server for Archiving

  1. From the vCenter menu, click Administration and select vCenter Server Settings.
  2. On the vCenter Server Settings dialog box, select Database Retention Policy; then select Tasks retained for and Events retained for and indicate the desired time period that information needs to be retained for each of these options (180 days by default). This information is required to enable inactive VMs to be powered off, relocated, or archived based on the length of time they have been inactive.

  3. Click OK.

Note: Events and annotations are lost if the host is disconnected, then reconnects to the vCenter. When the host reconnects, the reconnect time is used as the starting point for any other events for that host (for example, the number of days a virtual machine on the host has had CPU usage below 5%). This affects the timing for the rules established for archiving; for example, if virtual machines will be powered off after a certain number of days of low CPU usage, the calculation restarts at reconnect time.

Last modified: 3/21/2019 3:43:46 PM