Changing the ESX Proxy for a Subclient (VMware command line)

You can use the command line to change the ESX proxy that is used by a subclient to mount snapshots or datastores.

  1. Download the update_subclient_template.xml file and save it on the computer where the command will be executed.
  2. Log in to the CommServe host using the qlogin command.
  3. Execute the following command from the software_installation_directory/Base folder after substituting the other parameter values:

    qoperation execute -af update_subclient_template.xml -entity/clientName 'CLIENT_NAME' -entity/instanceName 'INSTANCE_NAME' -entity/backupsetName 'BACKUPSET_NAME' -entity/subclientName 'SUBCLIENT_NAME' -vsInstance/clientName 'ESXPROXY_CLIENT_NAME' -vsInstance/instanceName 'ESXPROXY_INSTANCE_NAME' -snapFailoverESXHosts 'CLIENT_NAME'

    Note: Verify that the value for the ESX host is correct. The command line does not validate this value.

    You can use the following input parameters in the command:


    Source virtualization client name


    Name of the source instance (VMware)


    Name of the backup set to which the subclient belongs


    Name of the subclient where the ESX proxy mount host is added


    Destination virtualization client name


    Name of the destination instance (VMware)


    Name or IP address for the ESX host. Verify the value for the ESX host before executing the command.


The following example shows the command being run from the C:\ drive, specifying VSAABC as the destination virtualization client and as the ESX proxy:

qoperation execute -af "C:\update_subclient_template.xml" -entity/clientName 'vsa-vc6.testlab.commvault.com' -entity/instanceName 'VMware' -entity/backupsetName 'defaultBackupSet' -entity/subclientName 'snap' -vsInstance/clientName 'VSAABC' -vsInstance/instanceName 'VMware' -snapFailoverESXHosts ''

Last modified: 3/13/2019 8:16:35 PM