Installation and Configuration for Commvault Plug-In for VMware vSphere Web Client

Installing and configuring the plug-in includes the following high-level operations:

  • Customizing the Web Console configuration.
  • Configuring the vCenter server in Command Center.
  • Configuring user definitions in CommCell Console, Command Center, Web Console, and vSphere.
  • Using the Command Center to register the plug-in and download the single sign-on configuration file.
  • Configuring access to the plug-in through vCenter.
  • Customizing security settings for the web browser.
  • Optional: Enabling single sign-on in CommCell Console and vSphere Web Client.

    If single sign-on is not enabled, users must provide credentials separately to use the Commvault plug-in.

Before You Begin

  • Obtain the host name or IP address and administrator credentials for the vCenter server.
  • You must restart the vSphere Web Client service after registering the plug-in for the first time.
  • If you cannot use a self-signed certificate to enable HTTPS, obtain a CA-signed certificate.
  • Obtain credentials to log on to Command Center.
  • Obtain credentials to log on to Web Console.

Last modified: 3/14/2019 5:58:02 PM