VM File Recovery Plug-In for VMware

vSphere Client is the tool VMware administrators use to manage virtual machines in a vCenter. Registering the VM File Recovery Plug-In creates a CommVault Backups tab in the vSphere Client interface.

vSphere users can browse and restore data from backed up virtual machines using the CommVault Backups tab. When a user is unable to recover a virtual machine or file that is needed urgently, administrators can use the vSphere Client to quickly recover the VM or file, without requiring access to the CommCell Console.

The CommVault Backups tab provides access to the Web Console interface, a web-based, self service application that provides access to backed up virtual machines. End users of virtual machines can use the Web Console to manage their own data, independently of vSphere. For more information, see Overview - Web Console.

Last modified: 3/14/2019 6:09:21 PM