VMW0026: Backup or restore fails on non-English localized OS (VMware)


For VMs using a non-English localized OS, backups or restores fail even though the target volumes or LUNs are visible to the Virtual Server Agent. The VixDiskLib.log file contains entries "Cannot use advanced transport modes ..." and "Cannot create directory ...". This issue can occur with any transport mode.


VMware VixDiskLib is not able to access a folder with a name that contains non-ASCII characters.


To resolve this issue, create a local administrator account with a name that contains only ASCII characters, and change the logon account for the CommVault Communications Service to this local account. For detailed information about this issue, see Provisioning linked clones when using the French version of Windows 2008 64bit fails with the error: Selected parent VM is not accessible (1037379).

Last modified: 3/14/2019 6:48:39 PM