Refreshing Amazon Region Information

Before creating a VM Lifecycle Management policy and template, refresh Amazon region information on the Amazon client.

  1. Go to Client Computers > Amazon Client > Virtual Server, right-click Amazon, and then click All Tasks > Refresh Amazon Regions.
  2. In the Refresh Amazon Regions dialog box, refresh or discover virtual machines:
    • To refresh the status of Amazon virtual machines, select Refresh VM Status.
    • To discover all virtual machines and add them to the CommCell Console as clients, select Discover VMs.
    • To include specific AMIs, under Specific Amazon Marketplace AMIs, on each line, type the AMI ID that you want to use.

      AMI types include an Amazon AMI or a third-party AMI sold on the AWS Marketplace. See the AWS Marketplace Web page for a complete description of these AMIs.

      Templates that appear under My AMIs in the Amazon console are included automatically.

      You can also get AMIs from the Amazon Marketplace. A list of AMI IDs appears in the Amazon Web Console.

  3. Click OK.

Depending on your selections, this operation might take some time.

Last modified: 12/13/2017 2:47:29 PM