Scheduling Dev-Test Jobs

You can schedule Dev-Test groups to create virtual labs according to a schedule.


  1. In the CommCell Browser, click Dev-Test & DR > Dev-Test Groups.

    The Dev-Test Groups tab appears.

  2. Under Group Name, right-click a group and click All Tasks > Schedule.

    The Schedule Details dialog box appears.

  3. Select the appropriate scheduling options.

    For Example:

    1. In the Schedule Name box, type a name for the schedule.
    2. Click Weekly.
    3. In the Start Time box, type 18:00.
    4. In the On these days section, select Friday.
    5. Under Repeat, in the Every N Week(s) box, type or select 2.
    6. Click OK.

    When the scheduled job runs, you can track the progress of the job in the Job Controller tab.

What To Do Next


Last modified: 6/18/2019 7:48:37 PM