Creating Destination Volumes for Clone Snapshots

If the array property Volume Label Prefix is not specified, then destination volumes are automatically created for clone snapshots. If a nonexistent device group is specified during the array configuration in Commvault, then a destination volume is created based on the source volume type. However, if a valid device group is specified, then the following destination volumes are created depending on the device group type:

  • If the device group is a thin provisioning pool, then a thin provisioning volume is created.
  • If the device group is a redundant array of independent disks (RAID) group, then a standalone volume is created.

Selection of Destination Volumes

Preference is given to target volumes that have names that match the prefix that is specified in Volume Label Prefix.

If no suitable volumes have a name that has a volume label prefix, then the backup job fails.

If there is more than one volume name has a volume label prefix, then preference is given to the volume that has the same source volume type.

If the source volume is a standard volume, then preference is given to standard volumes. Otherwise, preference is given to thin provisioning volumes.

Forbid Advanced Copy and Encrypted volumes are not supported.

Last modified: 2/11/2019 11:46:40 PM