IntelliSnap backup operations are failing

Review the following scenarios to troubleshoot snapshot failures:

CIM Service is down on the 3PAR array

To verify if the service is up and running, try the following telnet command:

telnet <3PAR Service IP> 5988

If the telnet command gives you a time-out error, check the network connectivity between the 3PAR array and the client. However, if you get a connection-refused error, perform the following steps:

  1. Perform an ssh connection with the array service IP:

    ssh <3PAR Service IP>

  2. Run the showcim command to check the service status. An example of the output you may get is shown below:

    -Service  -State  -SLP     -SLPPort -HTTPPort -HTTPS   -HTTPSPort  -PGVer  -CIMVer

     Disabled  Active  Enabled  Enabled  5988      Enabled  5989        2.9.1   3.1.1

  3. Run the following command to start the service:

    <3PAR Array IP or Hostname> cli% startcim

    The CIM server will start in 90 seconds.

Virtual volumes were created using the 3PAR Management Console

When creating a virtual volume using the 3PAR Management console, ensure that a Common Provisioning Group (CPG) is selected for copy space. This space will store copies of all changes to the user data since the last snapshot of the volume.

A Thin Provision clone was created for a subclient

If you created a Thin Provision clone for a subclient with Fully Provisioned physical disk, ensure that you specify a device group for the array to prevent the 3PAR clone from failing.


Last modified: 1/25/2019 11:34:12 PM