Getting Started with the Huawei Storage Array

To set up the Huawei storage array, review system requirements, and then add the array in the Commvault software. Then you can modify the snapshot properties.

Step 1: Review System Requirements

Review the system requirements for the Huawei storage array.

For more information, see IntelliSnap - System Requirements for Huawei.

Step 2: Add the Array in Array Management

Add the Huawei storage array in Array Management in the CommCell Console.

For more information, see Configuring the Huawei Array Using Array Management.

Step 3: Modify Snapshot Properties

To customize the array to your environment, you can modify the properties that control snapshot operations.

For more information, see Editing the Properties of the Huawei Array.

Step 4: What to Do Next

Choose one of the supported agents to work with the Huawei storage array.

For more information, see Supported Agents .

Last modified: 1/21/2019 6:07:31 PM