Best Practices for the NEC Storage Array

Review the following best practices before using NEC:

  • Ensure that the storage pool has enough capacity to minimize the possibility of snapshot backup fails
  • Whenever any logical disk is mapped or unmapped to the host computer, run rescan in disk management
  • Update the volume list frequently and ensure that it contains the same number of logical disks as displayed in the NEC array’s GUI
  • Before creating a new list of volumes on the client computer, unhide the status of RVs and LVs. If you have hidden RVs and LVs when you create a new list of volumes, these Rvs and LVs are excluded from the NEC volume list on the client computer
  • Hide the status of RVs and of LVs to be used in backup related jobs
  • For NEC DynamicDataReplication , there can be maximum 3 backups per logical disk
  • For NEC DynamicSnapVolume, the number of backups per logical disk depends on the storage hardware:

    If your storage hardware model is...

    the maximum number of backups for a given logical disk is:

    M100, M300, M500, M700, or M5000


    M110, M310, M310F, M510, M710, or M710F


Contact NEC support before changing LUNs setup.

Refer to NEC’s Replication and Snapshot documents to troubleshoot any problems with NEC Storage Manager (iSM) commands and error messages.

Last modified: 3/15/2018 6:13:07 AM