Configuration of Clustered Data ONTAP

With IntelliSnap, you can use either Cluster Management Logical Interface (LIF) or Storage Virtual Machine LIF for snapshots or replication backups.

Cluster Management LIF

Storage Virtual Machine Management LIF

You can choose any volume from the cluster to perform backups.

You can take separate backups of volumes of a particular Storage Virtual Machine.

You can autodetect existing Storage Virtual Machines from the CommCell UI.

If you want to use the Storage Virtual Machine IP for configuration, then the Storage Virtual Machine should have Storage Virtual Machine Management LIF.

During configuration, you must provide Network Data Management Protocol (NDMP) credentials for the cluster.

During configuration of NAS clients, you must provide NDMP credentials for the Storage Virtual Machines.

The Storage Virtual Machine LIF is the default configuration.

To configure NAS, SAN, and NDMP clients using Cluster Management LIF, perform the configuration of Storage Virtual Machines on NetApp Arrays.

Last modified: 3/1/2018 5:09:57 PM