NetApp Open Replication

With the NetApp Open Replication feature, you can replicate NetApp snapshots without using the OnCommand Unified Manager (OCUM) server. When you do not use OCUM to replicate NetApp snapshots, you need to create the relationship between the source and target arrays.

The feature supports the following configurations:

  • Primary-Vault (PV)
  • Primary-Mirror (PM)
  • Primary-Mirror-Vault (PMV)
  • Primary-Vault-Mirror (PVM)
  • Primary-Mirror-Mirror (PMM)
  • Primary-Vault-Vault (PVV)

Note: In PMV and PVV configurations, the Mirror-Vault relationship on the tertiary copy is not supported.

This feature does not deprecate the existing OCUM snapshot replication support.

Key Features

The key features of the NetApp Open Replication feature are as follows:

  • If you use the vault/replica configuration, then you can use different retention rules on the vault/replica copy than on the primary snapshot copy.
  • If you use the mirror configuration, then the retention rules of the mirror copy will be the same of the primary snapshot copy.
  • You can use snapshots on the vault/replica copy or on the mirror copy for restore operations and backup copy operations.
  • From Version 11 SP11, there is support for mirror relationships and vault relationships. Prior to Version 11 SP11, only vault copies are supported.
  • From Version 11 SP12, there is support for the fan-out configuration, that is, multiple mirror relationships and multiples vault relationships.
  • From Version 11 SP15, there is support for 3-node cascade configuration.


  • The NetApp Open Replication is supported only for NetApp cluster mode (C-Mode) storage arrays.
  • You cannot use the same snapmirror or snapvault relationship across storage policies or within the same storage policy in multiple copies.

Supported Agents

All agents supported by the NetApp storage array. For more information, see Supported Agents.

Last modified: 12/11/2019 7:49:28 PM