Snapshot Configuration of the Pure Storage FlashArray Storage Array

The Snap Configuration tab contains properties that affect the behavior of the storage array in your environment.



Mount Retry Interval (in seconds)

The time (in seconds) after which the next mount operation is attempted.

The default value is 300 (5 minutes).

Mount Retry Count

The number of retry attempts for a mount operation.

The default value is 5.

Connect to a Host Group

When selected, then Commvault searches the array for a host group that matches the source or proxy host.

If Commvault does not find a match, then the map request fails.

Enable Diagnostic Logging

When selected, the REST API diagnostic logging for troubleshooting is used.

Use Host if Host Group is not available

If you select both this option and Connect to a host group, then, if a host group is not available, Commvault connects to the source host or the proxy host instead of failing.

IP address or array name of the target array for replication

The IP address of the target array for replication.

Remote Snap MA

The client name of the MediaAgent that you want to designate as the Remote Snap MediaAgent.

Do not track Pod volume secondary snapshots

When selected, POD secondary snapshots are not tracked.

The default value is clear, that is, the POD secondary snapshots are tracked.

Last modified: 2/22/2019 1:21:31 AM