Inline Replication for the Pure Storage FlashArray Storage Array

The Pure Storage FlashArray Replication feature creates a replica copy of the primary snap copy of the local array on a remote array.

When you run a snap backup operation, the snapshot is created on the local array and on the remote array.

Key Features

The key feature of the Pure Storage FlashArray Replication feature is that the primary copy and the replica copy are independent of each other and can have separate retention policies.


The limitations of the Pure Storage FlashArray Replication feature are as follows:

  • The revert operation is not supported on the replica copy.
  • For the Microsoft Hyper-V agent, the snapshots replicated on the target array are crash-consistent, and the primary snapshots are application consistent.
  • For inline replication, replication is performed only if the subclient on which you run the snapshot operation is associated with the replica copy.
  • You cannot use inline replication to replicate Pure pod volumes.
  • To avoid snapshot backup failures, if you have a subclient with Pure pod volumes that is associated to a storage policy that has a replica copy, you need to disassociate the subclient from that storage policy.

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Last modified: 3/9/2020 7:07:30 PM