To use the Virtual Server Agent with Amazon, you must create a virtualization client for the AWS account. If you have multiple AWS accounts, you must create a different virtualization client for each one.

For accounts that use data protection resources from another account, you can specify an Admin account that provides the data protection resources. For more information, see Using Resources from an Admin Account.

Creating the virtualization client automatically creates a default backup set and default subclient.

You can back up virtual machines using the default subclient or create a new subclient to protect a specific subset of virtual machines.

For IntelliSnap support, you must enable IntelliSnap for the virtualization client and any subclients that are used for IntelliSnap backups:

  • For virtualization clients created in SP4 or later, creating a virtualization client automatically enables IntelliSnap for the client and configures Amazon as a storage array for IntelliSnap. You must enable IntelliSnap on a subclient to perform IntelliSnap backups for that subclient.
  • For an Amazon client created prior to Service Pack 4, enabling IntelliSnap for the client triggers Amazon array configuration.

Last modified: 1/31/2019 8:43:06 PM